Chinese Proofreading, Editing and Quality Assurance Service

Chinese Proofreading, Editing and Quality Assurance Service

Shanglong can serve as the proofreader and/or editor and polisher of Chinese translation and localization work provided by your in-house staff or other translation firms.

English-to-Chinese proofreading

Our experienced translators can proofread and edit texts translated into Chinese to check for accuracy and consistency of translation and provide corrections as necessary.  We can serve as the third stage in translation editing – proofreading (T-E-P) process to assure the highest quality of delivered product.

Chinese editing and polishing 

Our senior editor was brought on not only for her excellent English to Chinese translation abilities, but also for her mastery of the Chinese language, especially in the area of public relations, promotion and marketing. Shanglong can turn an accurate yet drab translation into a compelling and engaging marketing sheet or piece of advertising. Besides verifying the accuracy of translation, we can edit the text into a smooth sounding document with marketing appeal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the proofreading, editing and/or polishing of your Chinese translation project.

Liu Yuanyuan, Director of Operations