Chinese to English Translation and Localization

Chinese to English Translation and Localization

Our expertise in Chinese to English translation is grounded in Shanglong’s founders’ several years of experience as the office manager and senior editor at London Financial Times' translation and editorial facility in China.  We apply the same rigorous three-step translation – editing – proofreading (T-E-P) process to our Chinese to English translations as we do to our English to Chinese ones, with final editing and polishing by a professional editor who is a native speaker of English to assure that the final product reads like a document originally written in English, and not like a translation. 

Shanglong localizes the translation to the markets you are seeking to reach including versions suited to US, Canadian, UK and/or Hong Kong markets.

A sampling of our Chinese-to-English translation and localization projects:

  • Ongoing translation and summarization of articles concerning the renewable energy sector including solar power, wind power and biomass for Renewable Energy World, one of the leading online information sources for news in the sector as well as for Green Packaging Asia, a Malaysia-based trade publication that provides market communications support to the growing network of green vendors and purchasers
  • Translation of the white paper "PR Newswire Survey Reveals Content Marketing Trends, Challenges and New Media Adoption by Companies in China" as well as client news releases for the Beijing office of PR Newswire, the world's leading distribution service of corporate press releases
  • Ongoing translation and journalistic editing of selected articles for World Journal, the highest circulation Chinese-language newspaper in North America, for submission to the annual Ippies awards, a set of awards given to the most engaging and best written articles by journalists working for the ethnic and non-mainstream press in the New York metropolitan area.
  • Translation of pharmaceutical industry articles selected from the Chinese language press for Intelligent Publishing Media
  • Translation of automotive industry articles selected from the Chinese language press for Advanstar Communications Motor Age Magazine website
  • English language translation for the Chinese language version of the press and media kit for Omron China, the Chinese subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate
  • Translation and localization of presentation materials as well as outdoor signage for Nanjing Youfu West Street Primary School, Nanjing’s most prestigious elementary school, and the only government-run school in the city with a bilingual Chinese-English program attended by both Chinese and non-Chinese students

Shanglong does not contract any of its work out to third party translation houses, part-timers or freelancers.  Shanglong does not use mechanical translation tools in any part of the process.  All projects are handled and completed in our offices, assuring consistent high quality as well as the confidentiality of the work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your English to Chinese translation and localization project.

Liu Yuanyuan, Director of Operations