Printing and Delivery to Anywhere in China

Printing and Delivery to Anywhere in China

We can print your document or brochure locally according to your specifications and deliver to your trade show, presentation or business meeting in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or anywhere in mainland China. Shanglong has developed close relationships with the local printers who print the catalogs for Sino-foreign joint ventures and understand the particular requirements of quality conscious U.S., Canadian and European clients, and can manage your complex printing project.

Whether it is a data sheet or an advertising brochure, please look to Shanglong for a true "one stop shop" solution from translation and localization to printing of the completed documents and delivery to anywhere within China. Experience with printing jobs to date show that we can print and deliver the documents for less than one fourth the cost of doing the same in the USA, Canada or Europe, and you avoid not only the hassles with your local printer who may not have the right fonts or conversion software but also the high cost of shipping the printed documents to your Chinese destination from abroad.

Some time critical print and delivery in China jobs that Shanglong handled:

Procket Networks – 8,000 page print run involving a diverse set of documents and delivery to forum managers at various locations in Beijing under a tight deadline in preparation for a key industry forum.

Lodestar Corporation – in preparation for meeting with top executives from China's power and energy sector, Shanglong undertook the printing of 16 datasheets comprising the company's entire product range, including printing the datasheets locally and delivering to the meeting location in Beijing with less than 48 hours notice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your print requirements for delivery in China.

Liu Yuanyuan, Director of Operations